About Us

Codingbit Jasmeen Shaikh

CodingBit provides Internship as well as Software Development.

We build quality projects to meet client’s needs.
Each project is taken up as an important assignment and each client is given high priority. CodingBit is a IT Company with a vision that believes in consistent quality and service excellence.

We deliver high quality project which meets the client’s requirement to match up with current technologies.

Among a plethora of services, web design and development, business-to-business applications, ERPs, CRMs,CMSs, e-commerce solutions,business-to-client applications, Managing hosting and maintainince are few that we offer. Satisfied clients around the globe bear testimony to the quality of our work.
The general purpose of CodingBit is to develop and promote advanced information technologies for individual, multiple-users, companies, firms etc .
CodingBit's business philosophy is to assure the highest quality product, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of solutions and the best quality in minimum cost.

CodingBit provides Internship for College Student who are dedicated and willing to work on quality projects.