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We are growing IT company. We work with you as a team to help you to develop your company's growth and to help you to build your business strategy. We provide customized and personalized solutions for all sizes of companies and all industry sectors. We aspire to serve our customer by providing World Class Software and Information Technology Services. We are a team of highly qualified IT professionals. We are into building next generation Software and Technology Solutions that meet the very specific requirement you have. We provide a full dedicated team that includes all the relevant experts to implement your project, and engage you in the development process to achieve the main goal - to ensure that the final product meets all your expectations Does. The dedicated team model is an ideal choice for customers who understand the complexity of their projects and are ready to invest in the gradual and continuous development of quality products.

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Healthcare Services

For most modern health organizations, information technologies and Electronic Medical Record systems are essential in the care process and facilitate the daily work of professionals, communication with patients, coordination of care, creation of new services and improve the efficiency of the organization, among others. We build robust network architectures, reliable patient portals and intuitive graphical user interfaces. CodingBit IT Solutions manages and integrates the administrative and care processes of medical offices, hospitals, IPS health centers, in the cloud, with access from your laptop.

Inventory Service

Inventory management is an essential task of business administration. However, it is not always given the necessary attention and, on occasion, it is relegated to a second category administrative activity. Often, Excel tables or even paper and pen are used to record the assets that the company has, which ends up assuming a high cost, since it requires time that could be devoted to other activities, and money, since It is due to the need to hire more staff or because mistakes are made that can only be corrected upon payment of an amount. That is why turning to inventory control systems software can become a long-term investment that brings significant benefits to companies.

Real Estate Service

Are you a real estate manager and do not know how to manage the amount of customers and properties you receive each day? Would you like to do it in a much simpler and automated way? We offer you an easy-to-use real estate CRM that will serve to optimize your time, with the sole objective of managing your business properties and clients in an effective and professional manner.Our real-estate CRM solutions not only manages the office, helps you in everything, including external work, automatic sending of emails, publication in numerous portals for free, updating your Web in real time, congratulations to your customers, shop windows, your own listings and contracts, your own centralized surveys, all without you having to spend time.

Event Management Service

Today, having a website for your event is a fundamental element to publicize it in a dedicated way. In addition to the content or information you include, you should pay attention to other key points such as web usability so that the user experience is as optimal as possible. In this sense, being able to buy a ticket to the event in one or two clicks and without having to scroll too much, will elevate the experience to a very positive level. CodingBit offers a one-stop shop for all event services anchored around places. We realize the stress one experiences at the end of his event (birthdays, weddings, parties, etc.) and suppliers, and our goal is to make this task super easy.

Food & Restaurant Service

The ideal is to entrust the design of your restaurant's website to a specialized development team that gains unique corporate identity, so that it can be constantly and independently updated internally by a member of the staff or team of your local. Thus, if the specialized team performs the design and builds a dynamic site so that your team can update content autonomously on a day-to-day basis, which is highly recommended. Along with dynamic and eyecatching website we also provide you to control the occupancy of your tables in your restaurent and make an effective management of your reservations. And measure the reservation traffic from your website.

Insurance & Business Solution Service

Are you an Insurance broker or Insurance company? Why do people go for your insurance policy? Obviously there are many key points for the same And peopleshouls aware of the benefits of your insurance policies. Also they can decide which plan they are supposed to select. Your website is the perfect showcase to capture future customers, whether you sell products or services. It is the first image that the customer takes from your business. It is shown that a customer who is comparing several companies, will choose the company that has an online presence as it transmits more prestige and quality.

Tours & Travelling Service

HOSPITALITY becomes key for a service of excellence and, in the development of memorable experiences. It is a fundamental principle that must be present in the tourism industry, being a component that will allow the client generate emotions and sensations that will give as result a pleasant, satisfying experience and recommended, largely as a result of good practices applied by employees of each company, which will contribute to improving the competitiveness of each business and finally of a tourist destination.

Marketing & E-Commerce Service

Do you want to sell something online but a little bit doubtful? Here are a few reasons why you should build your E- ommerce store. Overcoming geographical limitations. Obtaining a greater number of clients both online and offline thanks to the increased visibility allowed by the Internet Start-up and maintenance cost much less than a traditional business. Greater ease of displaying products for the entrepreneur. Greater ease and speed to find the products for the buyer. Time savings when making purchases for the buyer. Ease to implement and develop marketing strategy based on discounts, coupons, lots, etc. Possibility of offering much more information to the buyer.

Matrimony Service

We create premium matrimonial portal. Contact us and tell us what is the theme of your site to start the process of creating your website. We love to design and we know that you take care of every detail of this unique and unrepeatable event! Customize the text and upload photos and profiles. View profiles, send requests, make profile picture and contact details public or visible only after accepting request. From the Admin panel, you can track every profile. And many more solutions and idea that we can design for your matrimonial portal.

Education & Online Exam Portal Service

The implementation of new information technologies in learning environments has reached such importance that the number of educational establishments that own a website and that implement different teaching applications in it is increasing every day. Never like at this time, the Internet has enabled the task of being absolutely visible and interacting with many people at once. This principle, fundamental to this issue, is essential to understand the importance of educational institutions of different scope (universities, institutes, schools, academies and more) have their own space and domain in the network, designed and created especially to serve its educational and communicational purposes.

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Do you know what open source is? Well, it is software that has been created and developed by a group of people passionate about the Internet because it is free and customizable, which means that you do not need to know much about programming or at least you have to do the minimum. In addition, we say that these people are passionate because they are constantly developing and updating, becoming modern heroes, offering us the possibilities to create how, when and where we want. Thank you!


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